25.8-27.8 – Hechtfest Dub Stage

Welcome to 3 days of soundsystem session in the middle of Dresden @ Hechtfest. For the second time the Dubstage is powered by Leipzigs finest heavyweight Sound also known as Plug Dub Soundsystem

The Dubstage is organized and supported by our dear friends from Digital Steppaz & Wildsmile Studios & R.I.Z.L.A. Sound.

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► Line Up:

► Dressla (Jahtari / Tel Aviv)
► R.I.Z.L.A. Sound (DD)
► Digital Steppaz (Double Dynamite / Freiburg)
► Plug Dub Soundsystem (Leipzig Dub Enforcer)
→ Jonah Vibes
→ Toni Wobbl.e. Bass Liveset
→ Miles Won
► Base (Ulan Bator / Leipzig)
► D.I.S (Chemtrailnitz)
► Roots Descendents Sound (Kassel)
► Jah Listener (Submission Records / Rabat)

Basscast #36 – Jah Listener & Miles Won


20.5 Outlook Launch Leipzig

Commodo (Deep Medi UK)
ANT TC1 (Metalheadz UK)
EL-B (Ghost Records & Tempa UK)
Disrupt (Jahtari, LE), BRK (Future Skankers, FR)
Peak Phine (Submission LE)

Broadcasted by Attic Squad Hifi Soundsystem & Plug Dub Soundsystem

20.5.2017 11pm Elipamanoke

7.4. Soundsystem Clash

Bassmæssage & Plug Dub & Conne Island pres.


Hosted By Doc Dressla (Jahtari)

♠ Bassmæssage Soundsystem:
♦ LXC (Alphacut/45seven)
♦ Neele (G-Edit/Conne Island)
♠ System Crew:
• Cun, Seng, Histeppa & Toke

♠ Plugdub Soundsystem:
♦ El.P (Vibes Ambassadors)
♦ Dubby T. (BassComeSaveME, Erfurt)
♠ System Crew:
• Jonah Vibes, Miles Won, Toni Wobble,
Plugwizzards & Jah Listener

/// support your local soundsystem
/// no competition
/// unity is the key
/// love diversity
/// word & sound is power

3TAKTER 11/02/17

11/02/2017. Elipamanoke/Markranstädterstr.4/Door: 11pm.
2 Floors of Soundsystem Culture.

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